Samme Corporation
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Samme Corporation

Rick’s last page of Paige.

Next week, an all new artist takes over for a month, who will it be?

Page 4 rough.

Page 4 rough.

↓ Transcript
Page Four:
Panel One and Panel Two: these two panels show On the left in Panel One we see Jim looking in the mirror, the view there is from over his left shoulder. We see his face in the mirror, crying. In the right panel, Panel two, we see Bob on the left looking back in the car looking at Julia. The Bob is on the right of the panel. Julia is on the left corner, the back of her head.
Bob: you see Jules, I used to work for your father…
Julia: Jim?
Jim: …I’m not her father…
Bob: Jim worked with me too, we both worked for…
Jim: … blasted Samme Corporation! How can they expect me to…
Julia: Kill me?
Bob: yes, The Boss has probably told him that he has to kill you. You see you are worth…
Jim: a lot of money to him, is that all he thinks of? Oh god
Julia: what???
Bob: the company your dad works for, it’s a front. A front for
Jim: money laundering for that damn Japanese bastard! I…I…I cant do it anymore, I can’t take this! She needs to know that she…
Bob: …you hold half the company’s value in your name. and well, they want it back.


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