Remember Ben

This is a little outside the normal dick jokes on this site.

Depression and suicide has taken people from all of us. For me there was my nephew (The JMK strips) in 2004 and now Ben and his wife Marilyn.

If you are having thoughts of taking your life, please please PLEASE reach out to someone. Anyone. I’m serious in the comic, reach out to me and I will be happy to talk with you about whatever you want. Your life is worth it.

Call the prevention hotline, talk to someone there.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline is there for you.

To Ben and Marilyn, may peace be with you.



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One thought on “Remember Ben

  • Silvia

    1. oh my god a muffin!i must shoot!2. poeoow pooew pooew!i must say this when i shoot a gun!3. ha ha ha!theese humans have nothing on dinosaurs that are smart!ha ha ha!4. GIR!come to zim.5. geeze!this gun is way too much for my little arms!even thaugh my arms are pretty big for a raptor.