Nerf Herder – I want to take you out for ice cream

So way back in supper of 2004 I decided I wanted to try my hand and putting song lyrics to a comic page. I started with the ever awesome Nerf Herder song “I want to take you out for ice cream”.

I laid it all out, got all the lyrics and drew it up. I used pencil, pen, water color, a little blood (jk)(maybe).

Once it was done I sent it over to the band and they put it on their site for all to see, which was pretty freaking awesome! Parry, the lead singer, ended up emailing me back telling me how awesome it was and asked me if I could do another one of their songs. He suggested “Sorry” and something else that I can’t remember. I wish I still had the emails but they are from an old Hotmail account that has been deleted.

Anyway I was, and still am, very proud of these pages!

This falls into “Stolen Ideas” category because I stole the words from Nerf Herder. They did give me permission to use them.

Here is the song from youtube so you can hear it while reading the comic!

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