Least I Could Do In My Past

I feel like I’ve been building this up for awhile…but here it is. The very first, the very last and the only comic I ever drew for Ryan Sohmer of LICD. I had other scripts but I think it’s pretty obvious that I was not up to drawing a comic at the time this came out.

I’m not for certain Sohmer even remembers who I am to be honest. As I’ve said before I had completely forgotten about him and LICD until I came across it a work 2 years ago. I thought it sounded familiar, did some digging and found the comic you see above on my hard drive.

He had sent me the first 5 or so scripts to draw up but as I’ve said, I only did this one comic. Though I did draw it I think about 4 times.

In the end I told Sohmer that I wasn’t ready to take on a weekday comic either with my schedule or artistically. Sohmer told me he understood and that he had another artist he could work with, Trevor Adams I presume. It’s pretty freakin’ obvious I was not a very good artist at this point in my life. I could COPY anything, just not make it up without TONS of reference, and I wasn’t using reference on this for some reason.

The REAL reason I told him no? I didn’t want the responsibility of having to update that much. Look, I was twenty years old and WAY more interested in drinking, playing music and pretending I got laid a lot. It was a dumb move on my part, but I wouldn’t be where I am today with out this in my past.

In all honesty I’m not 100% for certain if I ever was the REAL artist, thinking about it now I remember Sohmer saying something about how he had other artist I was just the first or something. I don’t know that was 7 years and a lot of alcohol ago.

For those curious, click here to see what the very first LICD comic looked like on the actual site. You will notice in my version ‘Carrie’ looks like a transsexual.

Oh yeah, if everything goes right I should be in Portland at the Stumptown Comic Fest promoting the SHIT out of y2cl. If you are there, and see me say hello! I do free sketches at every con! Then again if you are reading this then you are obviously not at the con…unless you live in Portland, and in that case get your ass to Stumptown!

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