It’s not about the girl
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It’s not about the girl

What is this? a NEW comic series?

That’s right, I’m FINALLY going to publish the “Paige” series I started YEARS ago. (13 years to be exact).

The first chapter (well, 4 pages) is drawn by the amazingly talented Kristene Onyskow. I am forever grateful for her taking the time to draw the first chapter and with how awesome it came out.

Come back next Friday for another page of Paige!

↓ Transcript
Panel two: we see a hand closing the glove box, in the glove box we see a gun (desert eagle .50, blood on it) next to it we see a knife(blood stained) and a roll or money (blood stained) and a sack of drugs(various)
CAPTION: and it’s always about a girl, in this case two girls.
CAPTION: oh, and a shit-pile of money to boot.

Panel three: view is from outside of the car, driver’s side window looking in. angle is 25 degrees down looking up at him, from about ten feet away revealing the car. The car is 1930’s-1940’s style detective car (think batman animated show) dents in the door, and bullet holes in back window and side door.
CAPTION: her name was Julia, she was a working girl, not a whore mind you, she just knew how to use her assets to pay the way, to get money...

Panel four: view is of the car from behind, low view slight angel to the right, arm out of window tossing cigarette. License plate reads “3182-JN3”
CAPTION: lots of money.

Panel Five: cigarette is hitting the ground in a pile of liquid, starting a fire.

Panel Six: we see a line of flames running to a building, flames going up the side of the building, with 2 barrels to the right exploding
CAPTION: but I’m getting way ahead of myself.

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