Frailty – Untrusting

Frailty – Untrusting

And the last page I did, which was supposed to lead into a series about the conflict and ultimate peaceful resolution between the two tribes through the compassion of the children.

I put the original script on each page under “transcript” if you care to read it. It’s pretty boring.

I have the conversation that this story originated from with the guy who ran Dime Book Press. This original story idea was his that I took over and created. If you want to read them, let me know.

↓ Transcript
Page Three

Good on the right, bad on the left.

Panel 1/2: in each panel we see the young fairy that was looking through the ripples at each other yelling back to their fathers asking what is going on.

Panel 3/4: two high ranking looking elves on both sides running to a building on each respective side. In the background we see the young one being picked up by their mother.

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