Frailty – Cover

So I wrote and drew this for a small anthology back in 2004 for Dime Book Press. I still have a couple of the ashcans from that print run somewhere around here. They actually ended up using a version of this (with no color and a much shittier logo) as the cover of the book. I had something else printed in the book, but I can’t remember. This was also printed in Pencil Book Comics “Pencilogues” #1, which came out in 2005.

I did modify it a bit to post here, gave it a way better logo than it originally had.

This and the next 4 pages where in the book, written and drawn by me. It’s not funny, it’s a semi-serious fantasy piece. After you read this you will understand why I never really wrote anything else in the fantasy vein. Well, I did…which you will see AFTER this. Maybe.

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