Flea and Irony page 3

Why is he so sad?

We will never know, because I never finished it.

I guess you could ask Trevor, since he wrote it.

↓ Transcript

Panel 1
Flea is walking to the door, very sad looking

MOM (off shot)
Flea? Where are you going?

Doll died… Must bury her in the garden before the hounds get to her flesh

MOM (off shot)
You’ve dug up my garden one time too many

Panel 2
Flea is looking out the glass panel in the door; the doll is being dragged away by a very small dog

I’m not hungry for food; I’ll be in my quarters

MOM (off shot)
Ok, honey, goodnight

Panel 3
Flea is sitting on his bed; all we see in the room is the window, a skeleton and the light on the bed and him, very lonely


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