Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 8 – Phone Calls

Beautiful face.

↓ Transcript
"Hey you. whats going on tonight?"
"Nothin, caitlin. I just met this great girl. I think there might be something between us."
"Uhm.. yeah.. how did you know?"
"Look, that girl is trouble. I want you to stay away from her."
"I dont know.. she seemed nice enough."
"She is trying to trick you."
"She wouldn’t do that. She likes me. I get that feeling"
"You get that feeling because she planted it there on purpose."
"No, you're just jealous"
"shut the fuck up."
"Alright, im sorry. But i dunno.. "
"Look, I gotta go. Ill stop by later on"
"Alright. Bye Caitlin"


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