Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 7 – Meet Jenny

And finally we meet Jenny. She looks so pretty. OMFG she is hot.

↓ Transcript
Mel(Leroy's Girl) never introduced me to jenny, so I had to ask her myself. Mel went to the bathroom, or outside, or somewhere. I don’t really remember. She wasn’t on my mind. Jenny was. This new girl sat on the couch, timidly looking over at me now and then.
"Hi. Whats your name?"
"Nice to meet you Jenny. I'm -"
She cut me off, "I alredy know your name"
I smiled, "Oh really? What else do you know about me?"
"Everything", She smiled back.
Chuckling, "Really now? That’s interesting. How do you -"
"You need air conditioning". Mel had come back from wherever she was. "Its too hot in here, babe".
"Yeah.. it is" I said, while still smiling and looking into Jenny's eyes.
"Hey, Id best be off", Mel had grabbed her purse and was heading to the door, "I guess I’ll see you another time? Take care babe."

She left the door open behind her, and Jenny followed. She looked back once, smiled again, and left. I shut the door, and went to the window.

I peeked out the blinds at Mel’s car leaving my driveway. Jenny wasn’t in the passenger's seat. She was walking down the sidewalk. I thought about going out there to talk to her, and walk with her.

The Phone rang.


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