Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 6 – Mel

The annoying girls name is Mel. The full transcript has more info that didn’t make it to the comic page. Read it below.

↓ Transcript
We heard about the incident on the news, but for some reason unknown by media, no one could come up with a description of Caitlin and I.
No one liked the fucker, and aren’t really complaining about the incident. It turns out that the man, Leroy, had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Drug charges or rape or something like that. Either way, The cops he called ended up arresting him, and now he's in prison for the next few months. Karma kicked his ass.
In any case, that girl that I was supposedly looking at came over to my apartment one afternoon. However she found me, I don’t know. I’m sure someone at the parlor that night knew me.
She told me about Leroy. She said that she felt bad, and was happy that he was in prison.
We talked for a while, though, truth be told, I found her to be quit unattractive, and rather annoying.
When she came over, I put up with her. I didn’t tell her to leave, I wasn’t mean. I just never really talked to her when she stopped by.
I pretty much just ignored that she was over.
I guess she got bored of the awkward silences, and brought over a friend. Her name was Jenny.


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