Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 3 – Terrible Person

Whoa shit son, this just got real. Bitches be frontin’.

I dunno, I’m not street. But Garret is.

↓ Transcript
"Oh come on now, violence is no answer, big boy". Caitlin was back from the bathroom!
"What!? What the fuck did you just call me?"
"oh come on now, calm down. We were just going to leave. Why not just go back to your game?"
"I get it.. you're one of those fucking queers."
Caitlin and I were stunned for a moment, drenched in confusion. And as we took a moment to question his insult, he left hooked my face.

I fell to the ground hard, and felt dizzy. Caitlin kneeled down and rubbed away the blood that was already dripping from my nose.

"You're a terrible person", she said. "You deserve to die."


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