Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 2 – Never Back Down

Look at that fantastic artwork! I like that “Angry Grr Grr” note in panel 2.

It would be need to one day revisit this and finish the artwork, but I doubt I ever will.

↓ Transcript
Page 2
Granted, this guy was huge. Not just big. Huge. He wasn’t no fat ass, either. He was built. He's that kind of guy who looks for fights, and gets off when the other guy backs down. Not this time. Fuck that asshole. I ain’t backing down.

"What did you say, prick? You're calling me a liar?"
The man's eyes got large and round. I could feel the heat coming off of him as he got angry.
"Look, asshole. Im in no mood to play games with some jackass who thinks thats a few extra pounds makes him a tough guy. Go the fuck back to your pool table, and leave me the hell alone."

The room got very quiet. He stared at me for what seemed an eternity. The two of us stood in silence, in stillness. Neither of us could quite believe waht had just happened.

He took a huge breath inward. Keeping his eyes fixated on mine, he reached his arm towards the table, and grabbed his pool stick.

"Boy." There was a brief pause. "I am going to fucking kill you."


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