Caitlin Vs jenny Page 18 – The End

Do you get it? Re-read it. It’s beautiful.

↓ Transcript
SACREMENTO, CA - Sat. 9, May 2003 –
A Local Mall was the scene of a terrible crime. Kevin Beals, 27, pointed a handgun at Mrs Jill Escalante, 32, and threatened to shoot her. Her husband, Martin Escalante, 34, attempted to save his wife of 8 years by attacking the armed criminal. In the struggle, Martin was shot. Mrs Escalante rushed to her dying husbands side, as Mr. Beals stood, watching. Witnesses claim Mr. Beals simply watched the two victims for approximately 10 minutes.
"Yeah, He just stood there. He didn’t move", Claims a local store owner who saw the entire ordeal from behind a merchandise shelf. "The woman was crying, holding her husband. That’s powerful love. She didn’t leave his side, despite a maniac with a gun was standing over her."

Authorities were called to the scene within moments. Officer Cid Numan ordered the criminal to put his hands in the air. At that time, Mr. Beals shot one round into Mrs. Escalante. Upon witnessing the end of a double homicide, Captain Numan ordered an open fire on the criminal.

Kevin Beals was born into a poor family as an only child. He spent much of his time alone, even throughout his high school years. He was shunned as an outcast, and hardly interacted with other classmates. At age 22, his parents were killed in an automobile accident and the shock from which landed him some time in Melton Asylum. He was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia and manic depression, yet the cases were not extreme enough to hold him for a prolonged period of time. He was released within 6 months. His mental problems warranted money from the government, which he had - CONTINUED ON B3


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