Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 17 – Hands up

Did you see that coming? What does it all mean?!?

Tomorrow is the LAST page of this confusing tale!

↓ Transcript
"no.. no.. Kevin.. come on Kev wake the fuck up. Come on." Caitlin was only slightly coherent. Many of her words ran together. "Look, I loved you Kevin. God dammit I loved you. You meant everything. But I couldn’t fulfill my heart’s desire. I knew it would tear us apart. oh god Kevin wake up. oh god." She was crying. "I need you. wake up. come on. its not deep, it didn’t hit any organs. you're not even bleeding. come on Kevin. don’t die.. god.. I love you. I am empty without you."

"Step away from the victim and put your hands in the air." The cops had arrived. This was the end. I knew I was going to jail. I had just shot Kevin.
"Caitlin," I said "You're not getting out of this." Still holding the gun, I had aimed and took one quick shot at her head. It hit. Just as I watched her body fall to the ground, I too was shot. The police had opened fire, and I felt 7 individual bullets enter my body. I fell backwards, and as I hit the cold tile floor, Life passed by me ever so quickly.
Watching Caitlin play in elementary school. Joining the same clubs. Signing up for the same classes. Going to the same bars. My entire life I watched them. I studied him. They never even noticed me. No one knows her better than me. I was to own her.


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