Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 16 – Football tackle

For this page, use your imagination.

↓ Transcript
She cocked the gun. At that, my instinct took over, and I rushed her. I tackled her as though she was a 200 pound man in a football jersey. As she went down, I was deafened by the echoing blast of gunfire. Jenny and I lied on the ground, looking up at Caitlin. I was sad for a moment, but I then realized she had not been shot.

Caitlin ran towards us and kneeled down. "Kevin.. oh my god.. Jenny.. you shot Kevin.. fuck... Jesus.. "

I looked at my stomach as blood pumped out. This was so unreal. I’m not supposed to die here. Not in a mall. Not by some girl I just met. No. this wasn’t supposed to be the end of my life.
God had other plans.
I passed away quickly. My eyes became heavy at first, and i lost interest in fighting to stay alive. I lost interest in everything that I once found important. Nothing mattered right now. I felt somewhat peaceful in death.
And my eyes shut for the last time.


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