Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 10 – She doesn’t love you

The transcript has a little more details on what’s going on if you care to read it.

The second to last panel, I make that face when my kids tell me something they have done that I really didn’t want them to do. Like wash their face in the toilet.

↓ Transcript
It was perfect
"I love you"
I was stunned. I’m not a fan of Love. I just stayed silent. It was probably the best thing i could have done at the time.

The next morning, Caitlin called, asking where i was last night. She was pretty upset. I told her about the whole night, and she got even more upset. We had a drastic fight over the phone.

"We're hitting it off!! I can feel it"
"She is lying to you. She doesn’t like you at all. Give it up"
"She said she loved me"
I hung up on her.


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