Caitlin Vs Jenny Page 1 – “She Doesn’t Love you”

Garret (yes the same Garret that Garret is based on in y2cl) and I once worked on a comic story together. We wrote 18 pages and sketched out layouts. I never did anything else. I think after 10 years it’s time to show you what we did because I like the story (I think).

↓ Transcript
Page 1
She doesn’t love you
Caitlin was always a bitch like that. I'd be quick to assume it was jealousy, but as soon as i even had the thought that she wanted me,
She’d instantly begin screaming objections and threatening my life. I quickly grew tired of such things, as so I’ve just accepted that she has no heart for me.

She is a pretty good friend, however. Whenever I'm in a jam, she takes control of the situation, helps me out, and always seems to make everything all better.

Once, I was shooting some pool at the Kings Bar, and some big mother fucker comes up to me and accuses me of staring at his girl.
"Are you staring at my girl, stick boy?"
"No dude, I’m just lining my shot."
"Yeah? Well it looked like you were staring at my girl’s ass."
"Nope. Just lining my shot. Besides, I’m here with Caitlin. I can stare at her if I feel the need."
"Oh really? Where the fuck is she, then, boy."
"The bathroom."
"You're a fucking liar."


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