In y2cl celebrities like to stop by. Here are some of them.


The king of rock 'n roll is out of hiding and has come forth to join Jesus in the fight against Michael Jackson. Or something like that.

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Martin Luther King Jr

MLKjr, the greatest civil rights crusader of our times graces the pages of y2cl. Would he be happy to know it was his legacy to return into the y2cl-verse and wreak havoc as a zombie? Let's be honest, who WOULDN'T!

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The Weezle hangs out in y2cl-land against his will. No one knows for sure if he is aware he is here or if he believes he is stuck in a sequel to Jury Duty.

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William Shakespeare

Good ol' Bill Shatespeare. Father of great literature, planted seeder of love stories. His short, but memorable, stay at y2cl will forever go down as a WTF moment in y2cl history.

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Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt the Stilt makes hit triumphant return to the world in order to help his friends Martin Luther King Jr and William Shakespeare do...uhh...Celebrity Zombie type stuff. Oh, and he also impregnates NJ.

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