The Left Overs

The Left Overs are characters in which I don’t know where else to place them, so they end up here.


He’s french. He asked a dumb question and his head exploded. He never quite recovered from that, he is also in black & white.

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Gordy The Veil Cow

Gordy is a talking veil cow. Unlike most veil cows he grew the strength in his legs to walk around. He also enjoys smoking, both cigarettes and ciga-weed. Gordy runs around the y2cl-verse as a police officer and a lounge singer.

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Gurdy was created by GOD as a prize for Kepa for something he asked Kepa to do. It still is not for certain what GOD asked Kepa to do, but it is certain that Larry ripped her head off.

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Mr Pinky-Poo

No one really knows who Mr Pink-Poo works for but what is for certain is that you can not trust pink poo. He is 3 feet tall, bright pink and very good with a sword. He is rumored to be a close personal friend of Larry but has also been spotted having tea with Syn.

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Santa Clause should be in EVERY story EVER written. Therefore, he is in this one.

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Carved from wood and forged in the fires of a volcano comes SKIT. He is named after a cat and has no idea that he has no genitalia. He wants to become a rock star but he has no talent at all so he settles for showing up and breaking the 4th wall from time to time.

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