Larry and Friends


Bernard is Larry's right hand Spring Bot.

Comics: 22
Recent Appearance: Larry visits the moon
First Appearance: Brads Girl


K-Bot is a Ninja. She will kick your ass, and she will enjoy it. K-Bot’s weapon of choice is her bow staff, but she would gladly kill you with less. It is uncertain if she is really a robot or not but with her incredible accuracy it is speculated that she just might be.

Comics: 33
Recent Appearance: 24 Hour Comics Day 2017 - The Pre-Battle
First Appearance: Ninjas

Larry T Cob

Though never seen cutting a line, it is assumed he is ALWAYS flying high on the white powder. He never has fully divulged how he lost his left arm, but it is speculated he tried to undermine a Colombian drug lord before he knew how life worked. It is rumored that said Colombian was recently used to make a canvas that Larry used to paint a picture of his mother on. The moral of his arm lose story? Never steal a 6 foot bunnies arm unless you are certain you can keep it. Larry claims he has his arm somewhere in his house, but no one has seen it.

Comics: 77
Recent Appearance: 24 Hour Comics Day 2017 - The Pre-Battle
First Appearance: Introduction

Mrs. Cob

Mrs. Cob is Larry's wife. She is also the Easter Bunny.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: President Hank


SMT is the other part of the ninja clan leaders. They call themselves a clan but they are the only ones left alive due to Larry and his Spring-Bots. SMT is a lover and not a fighter, though she tends to channel her ass kicker if you cross her. She loves her dual swords but could take your head off with a twig. She would also like shopping if there was a mall in her forest.

Comics: 40
Recent Appearance: 24 Hour Comics Day 2017 - The Pre-Battle
First Appearance: Ninjas


Princess of the Fairies in the land of Shnea and main person against Larry. Though her and the Ninja’s share a common goal of evacuating Larry from Shnea, they do not get along and rarely work together. In her world clothes are a thing that are not used, because of this she is always seen nude. She has had a brief relationship with JN and still longs for him in her heart. She wishes she could rekindle the flame with him only she is stuck in a different world.

Comics: 34
Recent Appearance: 24 Hour Comics Day 2017 - Syn-sational
First Appearance: Syn Part 1


He is the man of the jungle. He wears a loin cloth and is hung like a moose. K-Bot has a huge crush on him but he would never know since his instincts are only survival. He is built like a rock, both physically and mentally but can some how hold a 6 hour conversation about Asian pottery.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: K-Bot - A Look Back
First Appearance: Tarzan

Tiki Guy

He is a Tiki Guy and his name is really long, Iokepa Ka Nui Lana Mai Kahiki Akua. Say the whole thing and you might get a wish or three, no one knows because no one can say his full name. He has more magical powers then anyone in the universe and he uses them to screw with Larry. He does this because for several years Larry had him locked into a cage that he himself created. Since his release he is absent from everyone's life and Larry often wonders where he is. He tells them he is just watching and waiting for ‘something’ when in reality he is at a nursing home playing shuffle board.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: 24 Hour Comics Day 2017 -Let's do this
First Appearance: Tiki Guy