The Jesus Triplets

The Jesus Triplets are the sons (and daughter) of god. These are their stories.


Cindy was once in love but had the misfortune of her father being a demon and her mother being a whore. When her father learned of her love he pulled him down to the underworld to work for him. The pain and lose of her one and only love on her wedding day forced her unwillingly to erupt into her skeletal demonic form. She was cast down by the people of her day and evaporated from her demonic form and spent 400 years in the ether of the earth. One day 400 years later Dylan unknowing bought a skull from a junk shop so he could recite Hamlet ‘the real way’ resurrecting her essence from the ether and bringing her back to her full skeletal demonic form. The first thing she did when resurrected? Slept with Calvin. She is still looking for her love she lost.

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Gangsta Jesus

The eldest triplet in the group, he came out gun totten’ and ready to rock. He is only gangster on the outside, inside he is as sweet and nice as Jesus. He represents the hood and he wants you in his gang.

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He appears only as a giant hand and generally appears when people have a crisis of faith or when the Triplets are acting up. He is not a vengeful God, he just likes respect.

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He is the son of god, the man who died for all of our sins, we all know this. What we did not know is that he was a triplet. Jesus represents your standard view of Jesus because well, that’s what he is. He loves everyone and is always trying to make you happy.

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NJ is probably the most hated person in the y2cl universe. She means no harm to anyone and is only a representation of what a certain hate group is in reality…scared little girls. She shares no views with them only the unfortunate name association and the original fashion trend of the swastika, to which she has dropped for a nice sun dress.

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