The Gang

The Gang is a term I use loosely. This basically means the group of guys that constitute the ‘MAIN’ cast of y2cl. Around 75% of what get’s posted on this site will fall into this category using these characters.


He’s fat. REALLY fat. His weight is something that defies the laws of gravity. How any floor holds him is a mystery of the universe. The only scale that can withstand his weight is the side of the freeway truck scales used for semi’s, and even they stress and strain. He also has a fascination with really bad horror movies, ones from TROMA in particular. That and he likes midget porn….alot.

Comics: 85
Recent Appearance: Aleberto - A Look Back
First Appearance: Nick Go Bye Bye


The best and quickest way describe Calvin would be to call him an alcoholic. That would not grasp the scope of this dynamic character and what he is all about, though in the strip he is ALWAYS drinking. He is also the guy that goes to a bar with you and ends up getting five numbers from girls AND guys. And oral in the bathroom. He also makes you question your sexuality and consider purchasing a case of KY, Heineken and a pack of smokes and try to seduce him yourself.

Comics: 146
Recent Appearance: y2chrst ComX Page 2 - The battle of epic misproportions
First Appearance: New Years Pt2

Demon Calvin

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: A Look Back - Melvin
First Appearance: Changes In Calvin


Have you ever been at a party/concert/quilting show and had someone walk up to you slyly and whisper in your ear “I just crapped my pants.” Or better yet, show up and your house walk in without saying a word, look you in they eye and with a large smile on their face and you watch their eyes slowly look down to their own crotch and insinuate with nothing but facial ticks that they not only went and got their tongue pierced, they pierced the penis as well? If you did, I’m sure Dylan was that friend.

Comics: 181
Recent Appearance: Strip 1 idea
First Appearance: Introduction


Klipson is Dylan’s dog. He says woof.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Hidden Things
First Appearance: 50


Garret loves video games. A lot. He also loves to call people out on their shit. It must be the red headed step-child in him or his Scottish rebellion kicking in but he is always the one to cock check JN for anything cheap/lame/stupid he might do with the y2cl universe. If JN is creator and God to y2cl Garret is Azreal.

Comics: 147
Recent Appearance: Aleberto - A Look Back
First Appearance: Nazi Jesus


Imagine you where on a bus and all of a sudden you sprout a second GAY penis. That’s what happened to Garret. Now imagine that second gay penis can talk. That’s Melvin.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: A Look Back - Melvin
First Appearance: Diphilac Terata


Jeff is JN’s best friend from early childhood. A lot of people do not understand his humor, but to JN it is priceless. Jeff is often seen playing his guitar and wearing JN’s clothes and in general making very odd jokes about everything he can. He really has no filter when it comes to making a joke.

Comics: 43
Recent Appearance: y2chrst ComX Page 2 - The battle of epic misproportions
First Appearance: Hidalgo


Ever have that friend who was fun to hang around with but you always sort of wondered if they where gay or not? That’s JN. His parents cursed him with only letters for a name leaving him to a life of explanations. Because of this he became somewhat of an introvert and reclusive. This went away after his teenage years when he made friends and decided to try and be creative. It is still evident in him if you look hard enough.

Comics: 361
Recent Appearance: It's not a Reboot
First Appearance: Introduction


The cousin of JN and a life long bachelor and photographer. He uses his photography to try and get women to sleep with him only he ends up never following through because his conscience hits him. He just wants to be loved, and he wants you to think he doesn’t.

Comics: 39
Recent Appearance: Leaving Las Vegas 9
First Appearance: Waffle House


Kepa is the y2cl ethnic card. He is here because of affirmative action. He is half Hawaiian and half robot, which if you know anything of the history of Hawaii it is populated with Robots from Japan that where placed there during World War II to throw off the US and make attacking Pearl Harbor easier. The Robots eventually turned out to be a bad idea because they discovered pineapples and weed, and then subsequently smoking weed through a pineapple. Kepa is the guy who is always down for anything, and he does mean ANYTHING. He also has an affliction for midgets named Gurdy.

Comics: 92
Recent Appearance: y2christ ComX Page 21 - The Penultimate Climax
First Appearance: Introduction


That guy that can’t put down a cigarette even if you are in the cancer ward of a hospital, yeah that’s Nick. He would also fight you to the death to keep his hat on. He spent 4 years in the Air Force serving the USA and learned nothing expect that he missed female contact. Air Force boys, while smooth to the touch and fragile, just would not cut it. He is back from the a tour in Kuwait and sometimes has a flashback to his life in the bunker with the other sissies not good enough to be cannon fodder.

Comics: 101
Recent Appearance: y2christ ComC Page 17 - The Uncomfortable Talk
First Appearance: Introduction


Tim takes a love of video games to a new level. But his love is for that of the MMO genre. He is generally scene behind his computer playing whatever MMO has his fancy for the day. He usually wears a wife beater and pink polka-dotted boxers with dirty white socks. Tim has been known to get up from the computer on occasion, but it is rare.

Comics: 57
Recent Appearance: y2christ ComX Page 8 - Handstands and more
First Appearance: Introduction