Character: Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt the Stilt makes hit triumphant return to the world in order to help his friends Martin Luther King Jr and William Shakespeare do…uhh…Celebrity Zombie type stuff.

Oh, and he also impregnates NJ.

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Ok this is NOT what I had planned today. This is only HALF of it, but I had to split it due to length and time. I would like to say you will see the other half tomorrow, or even Monday but you wont. You will not see the other […]

NJ Has Gas

So remember back when Wilt and NJ had some sexy fun time? Well, it looks like there where some consequences for those actions! As I said in the comic, who knew Zombiism was an STD? Well, not you do! So don’t sleep with any zombies, unless you wish to join […]

Wilts Gift

Uh oh! I don’t think THIS WAS In NJ and Gangsta’s plans when they set out to track down MLKjr and Wilt! This does not look like it will end well for them! Then again, their are children of god, they could prevail! So how did you like my super […]

Plans Derailed

MLK and his speeches! He loves ’em! In all honestly though, the speech that I am quoting from is an amazing speech. In fact, I think I will share with you a nice little video of that speech as well as the full text of the speech at the end […]

Soapboxed Facepalm

I’m not sure if the titled of this comic is the best choice. I like the title, but I think it would be better suited on one of the comics coming up next week. Oh well, what’s done is done! Can’t change the past now! Also, I know the whole […]

Revenge A Dish Served Cold

And here is the rest of what was one large comic that started yesterday. See how now they have a more logical flow to them? rather ten shove all that into one comic! This is a nice break point for us to see what is going on with Larry and […]

Heads Will Roll

This comic and tomorrows comic where originally supposed to be one comic, but after I finished the background I decided I REALLY wanted a comic that shows it off for more then just one small panel. And thus I split it up. Looking at them now, splitting them up was […]

Inner City Meal Ticket

And now we find the REAL reason why Bill S bit Jesus! The dirty Jew hating bastard! OK, OK he’s NOT a Jew hating bastard, he is just misunderstood Strip354 – Cowards Death Characters: William Shakespeare, Martin Luther King Jr, Wilt Chamberlain, Pauly Shore Setting: Jesus Triplets living room Panel […]

Cowards Death

And we find out a little more behind Zombie Wilt’s persona and how he loves underage poon. Well, maybe not but he is making a hell joke out of it and I like that. Also, don’t forget that y2cl’s sister comic ‘Furry Animal Magic‘ updates today! Click here to read […]

Wilt Likes Mylie

And with a crash of the bell comes the first z2c casualty…unless you count poor Milo’s heart. What is in store next? What will happen to Jesus? Where will the celebrity Zombies go to next? Why the hell is Pauly Shore a celebrity Zombie? Find out more when you keep […]

Slanderous Tongue Bath