Character: William Shakespeare

Good ol’ Bill Shatespeare. Father of great literature, planted seeder of love stories. His short, but memorable, stay at y2cl will forever go down as a WTF moment in y2cl history.

If you would like to buy a limited edition poster of the y2cl 1,000 comic above, it is $10 plus $3 shipping. Buy it right here! ONE THOUSAND COMICS!  Here are some stats that cover the last 1,000 comics. over 450 y2cl comics. First joined on November 1st, 2003 on y2cl#1 […]


This one was fun, though the whole time while doing it I’ve been in a funk. I sort of don’t feel like doing anything. So now that this is finished, I think I’ll so go lay on the couch, watch I Am Legend and wait for my wife to get […]

Burn Billy BURN

This one came out pretty good. I planned on doing a lot more detail int he last panel, but I ended up really liking the post. That and my wrist hurts so this is what I finished. I’m happy with it. It’s not funny, I know. BUT sometimes in a […]

Revenge Is Bitter Sweet

And now we find the REAL reason why Bill S bit Jesus! The dirty Jew hating bastard! OK, OK he’s NOT a Jew hating bastard, he is just misunderstood Strip354 – Cowards Death Characters: William Shakespeare, Martin Luther King Jr, Wilt Chamberlain, Pauly Shore Setting: Jesus Triplets living room Panel […]

Cowards Death

It’s so much fun to mock Pauly Shore. I really want to send these to him, but I’m a chicken shit! Strip 347 – Gangsta Tells a Joke Characters: Gangsta Jesus, NJ, Pauly Shore, Wilt Chamberlain, MLK Jr Setting: The Jesus Triples Living room Panel 1: NJ waling, shot from […]

Gangsta Tells A Joke

And with a crash of the bell comes the first z2c casualty…unless you count poor Milo’s heart. What is in store next? What will happen to Jesus? Where will the celebrity Zombies go to next? Why the hell is Pauly Shore a celebrity Zombie? Find out more when you keep […]

Slanderous Tongue Bath

Who knew Jesus had a big screen! Though being the son of god your pad should be -P-I-M-P-E-D- OUT. Just saying. Strip 324 – z2c Funky Anaconda Characters: Jesus, Nazi Jesus, Gangasta Jesus, Wilt Chamberlain, Pauly Shore, William Shakespeare, Martin Luther King, Jr Setting: JC’s House Panel One: Jesus talking […]

Funky Anaconda!

And with a load crack, entered the celebrity cast of z2c. What will be there first stop? And why is the weasel with them? This is not the first time I have cracking on Pauly Shore, nor will it be the last. I’m not a hater, I just like easy […]

Celebrity Zombies