Character: Tim

Tim takes a love of video games to a new level. But his love is for that of the MMO genre. He is generally scene behind his computer playing whatever MMO has his fancy for the day. He usually wears a wife beater and pink polka-dotted boxers with dirty white socks. Tim has been known to get up from the computer on occasion, but it is rare.

K-Bot - A Look Back
In this years tradition, today is the real life K-Bot’s birthday. To celebrate I present you K-Bot, a look back! I forgot I killed her character, dammit! Comics shown here: Ninjas Ninjas (Yes, I titled two comics “Ninjas” within a month of each other) Tarzan To Many Comics I just want […]

K-Bot – A Look Back

If you would like to buy a limited edition poster of the y2cl 1,000 comic above, it is $10 plus $3 shipping. Buy it right here! ONE THOUSAND COMICS!  Here are some stats that cover the last 1,000 comics. over 450 y2cl comics. First joined on November 1st, 2003 on y2cl#1 […]


So I had planned on pulling a huge Aprils Fools joke but in the end, I really did not care. I was planning on pulling the site down and pretending that y2cl had been removed from the internet because the government stepped in and shut me down. But like I […]