Character: Tiki Guy

He is a Tiki Guy and his name is really long, Iokepa Ka Nui Lana Mai Kahiki Akua. Say the whole thing and you might get a wish or three, no one knows because no one can say his full name. He has more magical powers then anyone in the universe and he uses them to screw with Larry. He does this because for several years Larry had him locked into a cage that he himself created. Since his release he is absent from everyone’s life and Larry often wonders where he is. He tells them he is just watching and waiting for ‘something’ when in reality he is at a nursing home playing shuffle board.

What does this mean? Well, as you may have known if you follow me on any social media or listen to the podcast, but I am canceling ALL the comics.  Even the original y2cl.  Someday I may return to the y2cl world, but if I do it will be in […]

It’s not a Reboot