Character: Steve

5′ 11″ 180 lbs muscled build 8″uc.
Thirrrr… twenty nine years old.
Str8t acting vers/top
UB 18 – 29 vers/btm in shape.
lkg to get together and go eat brains

I did this for a cook book that was released to support food banks. It was put together by my good friend Kurt over at TGT Webcomics. I’ve held off on posting this for awhile because I wanted it to be exclusive to the book. Since it has been two […]

Cooking With Steve!

If you would like to buy a limited edition poster of the y2cl 1,000 comic above, it is $10 plus $3 shipping. Buy it right here! ONE THOUSAND COMICS!  Here are some stats that cover the last 1,000 comics. over 450 y2cl comics. First joined on November 1st, 2003 on y2cl#1 […]


if you look int he archives, something special happens when Calvin has no beer…check around strip 80 or so (I think, to lazy to look). Strip 359 – that’s not a finger… characters: JN, Steve, Calvin, Zombie cheerleaders Setting: bathroom/hallway Panel 1: outside bathroom door Calvin: Now then, where shall […]

Thats Not A Finger

Strip 357 – Souless Spawns of the Deep Artwork: Jon Anderson Characters: Calvin, Steve, JN, Zombie Cheerleaders Panel 1: Calvin talking with the Zombie Cheerleaders Calvin: Hello, There ladies Calvin: I’ll take, you, you and you! Panel 2: Calvin motioning the girls in to his ‘office’ (the bathroom) Calvin: And, […]

Souless Spawns Of The Deep

Why must JN always be on the butt end of a gay joke? I feel bad for him, I mean if that character was based off of me I would sue the creators…good thing it is and I am the creator…this coul dbe a messy lawsuit…someone get the hose. Strip […]

Story Of My Life