Character: Santa

Santa Clause should be in EVERY story EVER written. Therefore, he is in this one.

ok, so here it is, the finished version of strip 100! don’t you feel much better now? no? oh well. i’ve left the text from when i posted the pencils before i left for you all to see. well, time to play COH (original notes before I updated with the […]


Alberto wrote the news, man hes fucked in the head. news from Alberto: ok, so it’s my first time updating this site. Hopefully I don’t fuck it up, and I’m able to do it again sometime. If the character’s names are here, and the strip is to here, as well […]


NEWS: FIFTY FUCKIN STRIPS!!!! w0000t! awesome, *raises drink* heres to another 50! all the characters are in this strip, including Nazi Jesus, Gangsta Jesus and SANTA!!! ↓ TranscriptStrip 50 (50) Characters: Larry the Coked out Bunny, Tim, Garret, Tiki, Dylan, Calvin, SMT, K-Bot, Santa, Kepa, NJ, Gangsta, Klipson, JN, Nick […]


COMMENTARY: My second holiday strip. If you compare this to the original version all I did from Tim’s version was change the background and floor colors. Man, this strip has all the characters that where apart of the strip at this point, only 10. To see the original strip click […]