Character: Mr Pinky-Poo

No one really knows who Mr Pink-Poo works for but what is for certain is that you can not trust pink poo. He is 3 feet tall, bright pink and very good with a sword. He is rumored to be a close personal friend of Larry but has also been spotted having tea with Syn.

ok, so here it is, the finished version of strip 100! don’t you feel much better now? no? oh well. i’ve left the text from when i posted the pencils before i left for you all to see. well, time to play COH (original notes before I updated with the […]


well….my dad had another heart attack, i just got back from the hospital. that makes 4 in 6 days. that’s right, i said 4, as in 1, 2, 3 and then 4. Then my dad went back to the hospital, we thought he had ANOTHER heart attack…turns out it was […]

The Pinky Poo

my dad had a heart attack today.and there was a meteor, and i saw a dead dear on the road. just sayin. i don’t feel like writing a lot. he is in the hospital for 4 days. I’m worried. that’s all. oh yeah, I’m not wearing pants.

True Story