Character: Melvin

Imagine you where on a bus and all of a sudden you sprout a second GAY penis. That’s what happened to Garret. Now imagine that second gay penis can talk. That’s Melvin.

Well ain’t this some shit! Sci-Fi channel, you have officially jumped the shark. Not only do you play shitty movies not fit for the free box, but now you want us to accept your stupid ass new spelling of Sci-Fi to SyFy. I for one will now officially watch EVEN […]

I’m Not SyFy

Strip 378 – Blazing Obama Characters: JN, Calvin, Garret, Obama Setting: Museum Panel 1: JN, Calvin and Garret at the museum looking at giant picture of Obama that reads ‘Where all the white women at?’ Calvin: Mel Brooks strikes again. JN: ……….. Garret: Sadly, I have nothing that will top […]

Blazing Obama

And there you have it folks, the second punchline to this comic. Why did I not just include this in yesterdays? Well, because it would have made it to long and bulky. Strip 370 – eeeewwww Characters: JN, Garret, Melvin Setting: The Living Room Panel 1: JN looking in disgust […]