Character: Martin Luther King Jr

MLKjr, the greatest civil rights crusader of our times graces the pages of y2cl. Would he be happy to know it was his legacy to return into the y2cl-verse and wreak havoc as a zombie? Let’s be honest, who WOULDN’T!

2016-01-18-AVGS - MLK Jr Day with no Burley
It’s sad that I couldn’t convince Jonathan to join me this year for MLK Jr Day. He was too busy working or having a life or some shit, I dunno I wasn’t paying attention. Maybe next year. MLK JR Day 2004 MLK JR Day 2005 MLK JR Day 2006 MLK […]

MLK Jr Day with no Burley

Every year I do something for MLK jr Day, and this year is no different! For the last few years Jonathan Burley from AltConvos has been joining in my fun, and again he graced us with his humor. click the 2 to see his comic. In the past I did […]

MLK Jr Day 7.0

This year I had plan to do the same thing I did last year and make a little flash video of the comics talking, but with the addition of my new baby girl Tegan Scarlet I just didn’t have the time. Also originally this went out to Jon Anderson and […]

MLK JR Day 6.0

If you would like to buy a limited edition poster of the y2cl 1,000 comic above, it is $10 plus $3 shipping. Buy it right here! ONE THOUSAND COMICS!  Here are some stats that cover the last 1,000 comics. over 450 y2cl comics. First joined on November 1st, 2003 on y2cl#1 […]


So I had this idea to have several creators make their own version of a MLK Jr Day comic and I would put them into a little flash file for a ‘joke off’, similar to this post over on Sergeant Blink and his Brigade of Fantastic. This time it was […]


With the earlier fall of Jesus, the fall of Gangsta was close behind. And it is only fitting that MLKjr was the one to take him down and show him the light. Given what Gangsta has said about him int he past. Seen here and here.

The OG Falls

Uh oh! I don’t think THIS WAS In NJ and Gangsta’s plans when they set out to track down MLKjr and Wilt! This does not look like it will end well for them! Then again, their are children of god, they could prevail! So how did you like my super […]

Plans Derailed

MLK and his speeches! He loves ’em! In all honestly though, the speech that I am quoting from is an amazing speech. In fact, I think I will share with you a nice little video of that speech as well as the full text of the speech at the end […]

Soapboxed Facepalm

I’m not sure if the titled of this comic is the best choice. I like the title, but I think it would be better suited on one of the comics coming up next week. Oh well, what’s done is done! Can’t change the past now! Also, I know the whole […]

Revenge A Dish Served Cold

And here is the rest of what was one large comic that started yesterday. See how now they have a more logical flow to them? rather ten shove all that into one comic! This is a nice break point for us to see what is going on with Larry and […]

Heads Will Roll

This comic and tomorrows comic where originally supposed to be one comic, but after I finished the background I decided I REALLY wanted a comic that shows it off for more then just one small panel. And thus I split it up. Looking at them now, splitting them up was […]

Inner City Meal Ticket