Character: Marissa

Blonde’s have more fun. Or so they think. Blonde’s have monopoly fun. Scrabble fun. Uno fun. Brunettes, in Marissa’s mind, have battle simulation fun. At least the smarts ones. And Marissa is smart. The barista job gets her through school, into a great paying job, and ultimately the life every blond thinks she can get by being loose and easy. She knows how rhymes work. And no, you’re not so clever as to think you were the first to say it. And now, instead of just thinking about ripping your face off from behind the coffee maker, she can and will actually do it.

Jon Anderson is leading us up to something big here, but he is a jerk and wont tell me. Actually we have a note system that we both see for our stories and I’ve been to lazy to read his notes (been working) but I’m left in just as much […]

Home Invasion

That handsome devil in panel one, the one that interupts the scene, his name is Phil and he writes for PengyPress and answered my call on twitter for anyone who wanted a cameo character in y2cl. Since he was the first to reply, he won the award! At first I […]

Fan Shout Out

This was suppose to be a series of Flash sequences, but due to time constraints and excessive masturbation I had to settle for doing it this way. And thus Page 10 has helped me understand why personal manipulation of one’s genitals an be viewed as a sin. You get shit […]


Page 8 – Z2C: Page 4 Part 5 At fucking last. For anyone who isn’t from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, in 2006 some guy in one of the outlying rural burbs of Seattle, some guy and a pack of his buddies had a Sex-With-Animals club. One […]

Mr. Hands

Page 5 – Z2C: Page 3 Part 2. The main gag as written for page 3 was around zombies trying to eat Alberto, like any normal person would approach hotdogs in a competitive eating contest; Way too much pork. In the first part of page 3, as I was sketching […]

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