Character: Kaylie

This one Jon just sketched and wrote, I did the work in Illustrator. Did it kinda quick and tried to stay true to Jon’s work…even though I’m fat and Kaylie has a mullet. Stupid gay jerk.

John And Kaylie Have A Baby#4

I am a jerk.  ASk anyone.  Especially, John.  He’s one of my best proponents of the title “Jerk”.  Infact, if there was a Facebook App called “Friends who think you are a jerk” John would be my number 1. And he’d be vastly rght.  My opinions, no matter how humble […]

John And Kaylie Have A Baby#1

It’s true. Dragon Dictation is on iPhone and it’s AMAZINGLY, and HILARIOUSLY inaccurate unless you speak SUPER CLEAR. This one was just to funny, I HAD to make a little comic about it. Plus, it gave me a reason to make an iPhone screen in illustrator.


So today would have been the 600th post but I went back in and added all the older Inanimates, Fuzzy Memory‘s and Skit and Skat comics to reflect where they stand in the y2cl-verse. Check it out, there’s some good stuff there. Also, t-minus 70 days until y2cl#700. And t-minus […]

Six Hundred!!! Wait….

Sadly this is true. BOTH the ATM machines ran out of money before I could pull any out to purchase a book from Wil Wheaton. Alas I had to suffice with simply standing back and taking a few pictures of him to prove I was there and almost asked him […]

Wheaton ECCC2

So this is my plan. Ambush Wil at his table, buy a book convince him to scrible on it, take lots of pictures and then make a comic pretending him and I are friends. This should work, right?

Wheaton ECCC

So, did you see this coming as the SUPER AWESOME 500th comic! oh yeah! So yeah, Technically this is #504 is you count the 1/2 comics, and 506 if you could the NS (no strip) posts. No, I’m not going to change the number so it all makes sense. I’m […]