Character: Karen

After finding her husband of 10 years in bed with one of his students, Karen decided on a swift divorce and a new life. And what a better way to start your new life then traveling all over the world and getting paid for it? Well, that was the plan until she lost a limb in baggage claim and woke up not going anywhere any time soon. But Karen is an optimist. Just because she’s not flying to Cabo tonight, doesn’t mean she can’t track down that bastard of an ex husband of hers and rip his penis off at the root

Jon & Kate make another appearance in a mention. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m sure Friday’s comic will be ANOTHER Jon & Kate themed comic. I’m SORRY! I can’t help my self! For the record, I am NOT the only one who has thought of this, you pervert. […]

Jims Gossip 4

I don’t know anymore what to believe on John & Kate. I just want it to go back to when it was fun to watch, and not a train wreck. LIE TO ME SOME MORE TELEVISION! All the magazines are now painting KATE as the bad one. THAT was only […]

Jims Gossip 3

That’s right, I’m saying Kate is hot. My wife will back me up on this. I really do feel for them both. I hope everything works out and I just hope that the media backs the hell up off their nuts. Also, Kate call me, well hang out. Jon, call […]

Jims Gossip 2

Dear Media, I’ve been fighting the urge to make comments on the whole Jon and Kate cheating issue. My wife and I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 all the time and I really freakin’ enjoy the show. There have been comments about Jon being ‘distant’ on the show and […]

Jims Gossip 1

Thanks to Joe from For The Reels I had to explain why Dylan is saying he has been on the couch the whole time. Yes I should have remembered this but honestly I completely forgot about it. GAH! BAD ME! Oh well, it mad for this funny strip, which I […]

Ramlan Confuses Alberto

Panel 3 is by FAR my favorite! As I said in the preview I posted in the blog Ilove silhouetted fight scenes. I think this came out pretty nice. I also like the fact that Dylan hasn’t MOVED since z2c started. He’s been on the couch watching the game, apparently […]

Chris Slapped

Oddly enough the background for this I drew a few years ago for a planned ‘y2cl 2 point oh!’ where I was going to re-start everything from the ground up. This involved a lot of work and I eventally scanned it. I was going to pre-render all the backgrounds to […]

Chris Wants More Calvin