Character: Joel

The cousin of JN and a life long bachelor and photographer. He uses his photography to try and get women to sleep with him only he ends up never following through because his conscience hits him. He just wants to be loved, and he wants you to think he doesn’t.

The first in a series of AMAZING Leaving Las Vegas comics. Now no worries, this really has NOTHING to do with the movie of the same name, I just stole it’s title and logo then modified it a little. This ZERO/cover page as made ONLY because it looked pretty! Tomorrow […]

Leaving Las Vegas 0

This brings an end to the rap battle. I think we can officially claim ZJ as the virtor as it apears Joel dropped out due to feeling he went to far, for being a wuss unwilling to make the kill. And for being a pedo-bear. I have a nice little […]

ZJ Joel Rap Battle 3