Character: Jim

It’s tough being a lifeless, soulless minion of pure evil. That is why becoming a zombie was the best thing ever to happen to Jim. A middle tier accountant for a virtually unknown auditing company, Jim wasn’t a dull boy. He was already almost lifeless. When the gas main ripped through his building blowing his body across half a dozen cubicles, Jim’s last breathing thought was “Is this all there is?”. His first not breathing thought was “I’m really hungry. I should make a spreadsheet of everyone I eat.” Proving you can take the accountant out of the office, but you can’t take the office out of the zombie.

Jon & Kate make another appearance in a mention. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m sure Friday’s comic will be ANOTHER Jon & Kate themed comic. I’m SORRY! I can’t help my self! For the record, I am NOT the only one who has thought of this, you pervert. […]

Jims Gossip 4

Jon Anderson is leading us up to something big here, but he is a jerk and wont tell me. Actually we have a note system that we both see for our stories and I’ve been to lazy to read his notes (been working) but I’m left in just as much […]

Home Invasion

I don’t know anymore what to believe on John & Kate. I just want it to go back to when it was fun to watch, and not a train wreck. LIE TO ME SOME MORE TELEVISION! All the magazines are now painting KATE as the bad one. THAT was only […]

Jims Gossip 3

That’s right, I’m saying Kate is hot. My wife will back me up on this. I really do feel for them both. I hope everything works out and I just hope that the media backs the hell up off their nuts. Also, Kate call me, well hang out. Jon, call […]

Jims Gossip 2

Dear Media, I’ve been fighting the urge to make comments on the whole Jon and Kate cheating issue. My wife and I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 all the time and I really freakin’ enjoy the show. There have been comments about Jon being ‘distant’ on the show and […]

Jims Gossip 1