Character: Gordy The Veil Cow

Gordy is a talking veil cow. Unlike most veil cows he grew the strength in his legs to walk around. He also enjoys smoking, both cigarettes and ciga-weed. Gordy runs around the y2cl-verse as a police officer and a lounge singer.

Remember when Gordy left us all to enter they labyrinth? Well here is his new home! Who knew it was going to be the same Labyrinth that everyone’s favorite Minotaur, Minos inhabits! Thanks to Dumbbum for this strip, as it is a Minos strip that I took and posted here […]

Gordy In Minos

And with this strip Gordy will leave y2cl and join the cast of Minos the Minotaur over at Check out his adventures there! I’m sure they will also post here, but you never know if he will sneak into a strip with Minos and not here! Strip 327 – […]

Gordy Leaves for the Labyrinth

I got word back from Parry of Nerf Herder, and he loved the Sorry pages I did! He also told me that he is going to send them off to Fat Wreck Chords, not sure what that means, but it makes me smile! He also gave me permission to show […]


ok, so here it is, the finished version of strip 100! don’t you feel much better now? no? oh well. i’ve left the text from when i posted the pencils before i left for you all to see. well, time to play COH (original notes before I updated with the […]


ok, so i know it has been awhile since i did a strip. but there is good reason for that, just give me a moment to think of it. i have been working a lot of hours lately, getting up at 9am and stopping around 1am, that’s always fun. i […]


 Not much to say, happy 4th of July everyone. And now some comic reviews~ Amazing Fantasy #1 ~from Marvel comics by Avery, Brooks, Mendoza I’m not really sure what the point of introducing yet ANOTHER Spider-Man like super hero, or I should say heroin into the Marvel universe, maybe they […]

Changes In Calvin

So yeah, I haven’t updated in a while. Fuck you. Ok, really, I don’t blame you. I blame the people behind City of Heroes for taking up way to much of my time. So this is the first in a series of Calvin centric strips that I have been planning. […]

F.IN.D. A.