Character: Frenchie

He’s french. He asked a dumb question and his head exploded. He never quite recovered from that, he is also in black & white.

ok, so here it is, the finished version of strip 100! don’t you feel much better now? no? oh well. i’ve left the text from when i posted the pencils before i left for you all to see. well, time to play COH (original notes before I updated with the […]


Alberto wrote the news, man hes fucked in the head. news from Alberto: ok, so it’s my first time updating this site. Hopefully I don’t fuck it up, and I’m able to do it again sometime. If the character’s names are here, and the strip is to here, as well […]


NEWS: “Today’s strip is based on a conversation I had with a guy from England when I worked at Silverdale Antiques(i.e. the devil). The blokes name was Gavin, and he had come over from England because his father was the English partner to Debbie and Dennis(the owners of Silverdale Antiques) […]