Character: Cindy

Cindy was once in love but had the misfortune of her father being a demon and her mother being a whore. When her father learned of her love he pulled him down to the underworld to work for him. The pain and lose of her one and only love on her wedding day forced her unwillingly to erupt into her skeletal demonic form. She was cast down by the people of her day and evaporated from her demonic form and spent 400 years in the ether of the earth. One day 400 years later Dylan unknowing bought a skull from a junk shop so he could recite Hamlet ‘the real way’ resurrecting her essence from the ether and bringing her back to her full skeletal demonic form. The first thing she did when resurrected? Slept with Calvin. She is still looking for her love she lost.

If you would like to buy a limited edition poster of the y2cl 1,000 comic above, it is $10 plus $3 shipping. Buy it right here! ONE THOUSAND COMICS!  Here are some stats that cover the last 1,000 comics. over 450 y2cl comics. First joined on November 1st, 2003 on y2cl#1 […]


As it says this was the FIRST z2c comic I EVERY did. I finished this while Jon Anderson was working on #301 – Dick and Balls and have held it until I could fit it in to make sense! I did NOT think that would take 156 comics to do […]

Cindys Tragic Past

Well isn’t this a little awkward…is this crossing the line? Maybe? Have you noticed I’ve kept the same level of irreverence in y2cl but cut out the potty language? Why? why is y2cl devoid of the swear words (for the most part)? Because I honestly find it more fun to […]

Monkey Juice

Man I miss Cindy. She is so much easier to draw in her non demon form! Then again, this is the first time I have EVER drawn her in human form, and still I don’t show you her face! HA! Maybe in a future strip! Here are some links to […]

Cindys Bat Wing

Here it is, THE RETURN OF THE NICK, and the aftermath of Cindy’s Surprise Sex of Garret. In other news, The Best of Y2christ-Lite Vol 1 is printed and available to order! There’s only 50 of them, so if you want one click the link above and comment, or email […]


ok, so here it is, the finished version of strip 100! don’t you feel much better now? no? oh well. i’ve left the text from when i posted the pencils before i left for you all to see. well, time to play COH (original notes before I updated with the […]