Character: Bob Torque

Rick’s last page of Paige. Next week, an all new artist takes over for a month, who will it be? ↓ TranscriptPage Four: Panel One and Panel Two: these two panels show On the left in Panel One we see Jim looking in the mirror, the view there is from […]

Samme Corporation

One more page by the talented Rick Bugbee to go after this one! ↓ TranscriptPage Three Panel One: long panel of Bob, Julia and Paige getting in Paige’s Car and the garage door opening. Bob: ill drive! Paige: my car, ill drive Panel Two: long panel of the Tactical Drones […]


What will happen next? Find out next week! ↓ TranscriptPage Two Panel One: we are inside Paige’s house, looking at the front door. Small panel Panel Two: same view of the door from inside, but the door is being Kicked in. Sound: SLAM!!! Panel Three: we see 5 Tactical Drones […]

Tunnel to Madness

Solid work. Again the artist on this page is Kristene Onyskow. ↓ TranscriptPage Three Panel One: image of Bob and Julia sitting on either side of a table with an umbrella in the middle(outside). Bob is sitting lounged back in his chair, while Julia is sitting on the edge of […]


I can’t tell you how proud I am to finally be presenting this series. There are 12 parts, 4 pages each that tell this entire story. I have a series of amazing artist putting their interpretation onto the artwork. Again, this one was drawn by Kristene Onyskow. ↓ TranscriptPage Two […]

Pretty, ain’t she?

What is this? a NEW comic series? That’s right, I’m FINALLY going to publish the “Paige” series I started YEARS ago. (13 years to be exact). The first chapter (well, 4 pages) is drawn by the amazingly talented Kristene Onyskow. I am forever grateful for her taking the time to […]

It’s not about the girl