Haphazard Adventures

It’s time! IT’s Time for us to fly out to NEW YORK CITY and see the greatest band of all time! Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution! Listen to John and Kaylie as they take you on an adventure of epic proportions! Check out BOTAR: https://www.acousticbandits.com Check out Streetlight Manifesto: https://www.streetlightmanifesto.com Pre-Order the […]

BOTAR in New York City!

The Eynes Anthology kickstarter has wrapped up and was successfully funded! Hear John and Kaylie talk about what that means to them and what the next steps are. Also, something about Flash on a bicycle.  Pre-Order the Eynes Anthology! https://www.storenvy.com/stores/1238910-y2cl-net Sign up for the Eynes Mailing List! http://eynesanthology.com/the-eynes-home/ On the […]

Eynes in Closing.

You know, this episode has been done and waiting to be posted for MONTHS. I just forgot about it. SOOOO let’s travel back in time and listen to us talk about Black Friday 2018! On the show tonight: John Kaylie Kim Mike JT Find us on Social: The Show https://twitter.com/haphadpod […]

Black Friday 2018!

November 1st, 2018 I took my 16 year old to go see Watsky, a rapper we both enjoy. I forced him to talk to me about the event. You can hear the enthusiasm in talking to his dad on the podcast just bleed through.  On the show tonight: John Kodi […]


It’s finally here! John’s The Eynes Anthology is finally here! Check out the Kickstarter and show your support! www.kickstarter.com/projects/y2cl/the-eynes-anthology-book-one-horror-supernatural-c This has been 2 years in the making and this book will be EPIC! On the show tonight: John Kaylie Scott Austin Mac Paladin Find us on Social: The Show https://twitter.com/haphadpod […]

The Eynes Anthology Launch!