Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn       On tonights show we went and saw Spider-Man: Homecoming, got some guinea pigs and talk about San Diego Comic Con! Check out these awesome things we talked about: Kyle Wlodyga – https://www.instagram.com/wlodygadude/ Cryptozoic – https://www.cryptozoic.com Corvink – https://corvink.com Jefbot – http://jefbot.com Torchlight Lullaby – […]

Episode 24: Spider-Man Homecoming and our SDCC 2017 Retrospective!

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn   Ok, so our SDCC Retrospective episode is delayed one more! Sorry! We got  little tired and decided to do another watch a long! It took us about 20 minutes to pick a movie (we edited a lot out in the beginning and it was […]

Episode 23: ‘Nerve’ Watch Along!

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube | TuneIn   Kaylie and John went to San Diego Comic Con! While crashing at our friend Pat’s house we decided to play and record a game of Cards Against Humanity. I think the humor in this game is not from the cards, but from the reactions […]

Episode 22: Cards Against Humanity at San Diego Comic Con

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube   Since Kaylie is still gone, I decided to re-cut and old episode for you to listen to again! Someday I wont have any old episodes to re-cut, but until then you can enjoy these!  I know, these are not as good as our new stuff, but […]

Episode 21: An Apple of Elderly and and Aussie QnA

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube     Tonight I present you a remix of our original show episode 4! Why Well, Kaylie is gone so I may re-edit a few of these just to get them up there for everyone so when she get’s back we focus on NEW content! I hope […]

Episode 20: A Day in the Life of Kamren (from ...

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube   With Kaylie hurt we decided to do another watch along to a movie we knew nothing about. Tonight we watched “Moonrise Kingdom” from Wes Anderson. This time we give you a queue as to when to start the movie to watch a long with us! Let […]

Episode 19 – Moonrise Kingdom Watch Along!

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube   Tonight we watch “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty” on NetFlix. You can watch along with us! Start the movie at the 9:05 mark! Oh, and Kaylie has started a new LipSense business! So here are some links to that! Seriously though, if […]

Episode 18 – The Curse of Sleeping Beauty

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube   Tonight we are joined by Scott Austin ALL the way from Finland (which is fake) to talk about his new book Cybernetic Punk. It’s been a long time since we had Scott on, which I’m sure in the future when I re-edit […]

Episode 17 – Scott Austin from Cybernetic Punk!

Subscribe on: SoundCloud |  iTunes | Google Play |Stitcher | YouTube Music: www.bensound.com   I know, it’s been awhile since we did a show, but we are back baby! Join us while we talk about Vegas, Vacations and Johns new Project “The Eynes Anthology” Here are the drawings we talked about on the show.  […]

Episode 15 – Vegas and The Eynes Anthology