Artist: Rick Bugbee

Rick’s last page of Paige. Next week, an all new artist takes over for a month, who will it be? ↓ TranscriptPage Four: Panel One and Panel Two: these two panels show On the left in Panel One we see Jim looking in the mirror, the view there is from […]

Samme Corporation

One more page by the talented Rick Bugbee to go after this one! ↓ TranscriptPage Three Panel One: long panel of Bob, Julia and Paige getting in Paige’s Car and the garage door opening. Bob: ill drive! Paige: my car, ill drive Panel Two: long panel of the Tactical Drones […]


What will happen next? Find out next week! ↓ TranscriptPage Two Panel One: we are inside Paige’s house, looking at the front door. Small panel Panel Two: same view of the door from inside, but the door is being Kicked in. Sound: SLAM!!! Panel Three: we see 5 Tactical Drones […]

Tunnel to Madness

Chapter five is drawn by the AMAZINGLY talented Rick Bugbee. Rick has drawn a few shorts for me over the years and everytime he knocks it out of the park. This was the first one he ever drew for me. I have not heard from him in a few years, […]

The House

The last page form Rick Bugbee. Man, what an amazing week for y2cl fans out there to finally get some detailed comic art! Don’t worry! Next week we fall back into my crappy art and Jon’s art that looks like a cartoon! Strip 332 – Brains what? Artwork: Rick Bugbee […]

Brains What

Holy crap look at that artwork! This week you will see the best 3 pages of artwork y2cl has ever seen!Mr Rick Bugbee (who drew a short story I wrote title ‘Some Days’ that is still in production as well as a chapter in the much anticipated ‘Paige’ graphic novel) […]

Zombie Jesus